From Tractors to Touring Cars

Kelvin Fletcher, son of Centurions MD, Warren Fletcher, has taken to the seat of a Power Maxed Chevrolet Cruze, for his first season in the British Touring Car Championship. This is following on from his successes in last years Porsche Carrera cup.

Established actor Kelvin Fletcher is a ‘living room favourite’ thanks to his role as Andy Sugden in one of the UK’s most loved soap operas, Emmerdale, which has over 7 million viewers each episode. Playing this beloved character for 20 years, Kelvin is an ambassador for the series, winning three ‘British Soap Awards’ for his efforts.

However, his talents extend beyond the camera. In 2012, he discovered he had a talent and ‘need for speed’ after a short time behind the wheel. Welcome to motorsport.
Kelvin has grown into a credible competitor, with his natural talents earning him impressive results in a short space of time, including a podium fi nish in the highly competitive Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge.
Enthusiastic and relentless, Kelvin is back in 2016 to race competitively and pursue his passion for motorsport, with the ambition and commitment he needs to make it to the top in the British Touring Car Championship.
Kelvin Fletcher means business!


Fiat Professional introduce the Talento

Fiat Professional is proud to introduce Talento, the new model with a generous load capacity that is the ideal workmate for professionals on city streets and major roads alike thanks to its great versatility and ability to adapt to the most diverse needs of its customers.

Its name – Talento – evokes the innate qualities of the vehicle and the concept of traditional Fiat Professional value and dependability by making reference to the name of an ancient coin – the Talent (Talento in Italian). The moniker has high symbolic value and suggests what the vehicle can do, its abilities and – in short – its talent.

From a design standpoint, the new Talento is compact and well-proportioned: the forward- stretching windscreen connects elegantly to the short bonnet and the overall effect is one of an imposing and dynamic front end. The grille is designed to wrap around the headlights and form a mask that together with the bumper and the grid conveys a solid and striking appearance, while offering a functional element of protection at the same time. The squared-off rear end allows for ample inner space and a high load capacity while giving the Talento a broad stance that exudes stability and strength. As a whole, the design is upright with bold, clear-cut lines in tune with the new family feeling of the Fiat Professional range.

The new model is equipped with reliable, powerful and efficient turbo and twin-turbo diesel engines with six-speed manual gearboxes and power outputs of up to 145hp. The result is a functional vehicle that helps customers maximise the value of their work, time and investment by focusing on their needs regardless of whether they drive a van, people-carrier, crew cab or flat bed. With the new Talento, which is positioned between the Doblò Cargo and Ducato in the line-up, the Fiat Professional range is now even more capable of providing just the right vehicle for each and every customer’s specific needs.

Justin Seal, FIAT Professional Sales Director for HTC said “The Talento is named after a coin, as far as I’m concerned this new model is right on the money! The size, specification and body-styles, this new model is going to be an absolute hit!” He added “We are eagerly awaiting the final release of prices and just can’t wait to see the new member of our family.”